10 teams enough for F1…as long as one is Ferrari

Are 24 cars in Formula One too many? It seems F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone thinks it may be. Ecclestone told the BBC that 10 teams is enough for F1 and in fact, it’s the perfect number for logistics, transportation etc.

“It’s just that 10 is easier to handle, for the promoters, for transport,” he said. “We’d rather have 10, so long as we don’t lose Ferrari.”

Wait, what about Ferrari? Lest any of you thought that the world watched F1 to see Toro Rosso, think again. Ecclestone knows the power of Ferrari and while Red Bull have been winning anything timed or competed of late, Ferrari’s history is too big to muck about with.

keep in mind that Ecclestone never says anything without there being a reason for the words he chooses. Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo just had a media spat with Ecclestone a week ago in which he alluded to the 82-year-old boss of F1 as past his sell-by date. This was a retort after Ecclestone said it was unbecoming of Ferrari to challenge Vettel’s win in Brazil due to a few videos over yellow flag passing.

There is a reason Bernie mentioned this praise in the press. He’s a cunning guy and keep your ear open and eyes peeled for any Ferrari and F1 news to come. Sure, I may be wrong and it could amount to nothing but I’ve watched Ecclestone work long enough to know that platitudes like this are calculated and intended for a purpose.

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