Donington experiment ends prematurely

Donington Park was handed back to the Wheatcroft family after failing to find a buyer for the lease. Nigel Price at Begbies Traynor told AUTOSPORT that they had not managed to find a buyer for the lease and have therefore given the track operation back over to the landlords (Wheatcrofts).

Donington Ventures Leisure Ltd had a 150 year lease for the property and had secured a 17-year deal to host the British Grand Prix but failed to raise the capital needed to complete circuit improvements. The grand prix has since moved to Silverstone for the next 17 years.

Construction started in the hopes that the F1 series would be making it’s debut at the circuit in 2010 and this has left some much needed repairs before any other series can race at the track. The MotoGP series has also moved to Silverstone as well and the future of the Donington circuit remains uncertain.

It is unfortunate as the circuit is a terrific venue for certain series. Donington Park is steeped in history and it will be sad if it does not return soon to the racing world. Let us hope the next move is to repair the circuit and find several series to host races there in the near future.

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