Stewart: Drivers need coaches

3-time world champ Jackie Stewart suggests that drivers could use a driving coach to help them avoid overdoing it. Specifically he feels Lewis could use one about now. No need Jackie; he has his father for that. GMM reports:

“If you think about coaching and communication, that’s where I think there is a gap (in Formula One). “Bring in strategy, but bring in strategy where the communication works, where understanding is clear and then the type of things that have happened can be avoided.” He said some of the recent mistakes, like the pit lane pile up that involved Hamilton and also his fellow racer Nico Rosberg, could have been avoided. Also referring to Hamilton’s mistake during an overtaking move at Magny-Cours last time out, Stewart explained: “Drivers shouldn’t go over the top, and I think that has probably taken the World Championship lead away from Lewis.”

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