Jonathan Noble at Autosport does a terrific article of covering the proposed new regulation changes for 2008. Anyone concerned? Does this seem reactionary or well thought out by the FIA?

“The plans, which have come after discussions held between the FIA and several teams this year, will see the sport’s cost cut dramatically thanks to the imposition of standard parts and includes the banning of traction control and the return of slick tyres.
Among the proposals put forward are:
* the introduction of standard ECUs to outlaw traction control, cut costs on electronics and allow the FIA to limit testing
* the introduction of standard gearboxes, with mechanical gear changes and clutches
* a reduction in downforce to 10 percent of current levels with wider cars aimed at increasing mechanical grip
* a single tyre manufacturer to keep speeds in check, increase the sport’s safety margin and allow the return of slicks
* the introduction of standard brakes
* the banning of pits-to-car telemetry
* the need for cars to be started by the driver without outside assistance
* the banning of spare cars
* a 30,000km testing limit during the calendar year
* the possibility for teams to purchase chassis off rival teams”

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