2019 TPF F1 Fantasy GP Challenge Results

The 2019 FIA Formula 1 season started out with sheer domination by Mercedes but after the summer break, there seemed to be some stiff competition rising from Ferrari and Red Bull. The development war had kicked into full swing and it made the second half of the season exciting to watch.

The second season of our TPF Patreon-only Fantasy GP challenge was no less exciting and while I never had a sniff of the podium, there were three contenders who hovered securely around the top to finish strong atop the three steps. Congratulations to Thought Brokers, Hanuman Delahaye New York and Clementine Racing!

In my mind, everyone in the TPF challenge is a winner because it is only through your kind support that we continue to create content and podcasts at The Parc Ferme. Your generosity and appreciation keeps us fueled and the kind words and support keep flowing beyond the 100kgs/hr limit.

It is with immense pleasure that I offer you the final ranking from our 2019 TPF F1 Fantasy GP challenge.

TPF F1 Fantasy GP Challenge Results:




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29th out of a field of 68. Not bad. Could be better, though.