24 Hours of Le Mans: Peugeot ends Audi dynasty

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Peugeot’s patience has finally paid off. They’ve suffered for three years trying to take the fight to the giant of Le Mans…Audi. This year, the French squad reclaimed their home race and fell the giant. The 77th running ot the worlds greatest race was a good race. with the most entertaining racing coming from the GT2 and LMP2 classes. It remained to be seen how well the Kolles team would perform and no one was giving them much credence but they were astounding with rookies behind the wheel no doubt. The Corvette of Johnny O’Connell was once again dominant and the Risi Ferrari with Mika Salo was consistent again. The Essex Porsche Spyder claimed the LMP2 class.

It was a terrific race for many reasons but perhaps the best reason is that Peugeot has worked very hard to unseat the dominant champion Audi. They have finally done that. One wonders if Audi’s decision to not race in any other races except Le Mans was the detriment that would have ironed out the severe understeer problem they faced all day. Perhaps less track-side hoarding and commercials and one or two ALMS races to get things sorted out?

Now there is a new champion and they are French, just like the race. They have served notice to Audi that there is a new dawn in diesel motor sport and they may just be claiming its pinnacle.

See official result here.


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