3-race double points rejected

You may recall that that the entire notion of double points left many fans cold but it was proposed this week that the double-points scenario should be extended to the final three races of the season instead of the current format consisting of the final race.

Bernie Ecclestone put forth the proposal but the strategy group apparently met this week to discuss the notion and it was not approved according to BBC’s Andrew Benson.

The strategy group consists of Ecclestone (with 6 votes), FIA president Jean Todt (with 6 votes) and each team representing 6 votes. It’s an odd balance considering Formula One Management (FOM) has 6 votes along with the FIA leaving the teams with one vote each.

The strategy group also chose not to change the engine homologation timeline with the teams required to provide a reference engine by Friday. Renault-powered teams have struggled in testing and asked for changes.

With 12 votes between the FIA and FOM, it is hard to see how the strategy group is a replacement for FOTA as a unified voice of the teams and yet this is exactly where the FIA and FOM want them. A house divided cannot stand and keeping the teams focused on their individual gains bodes well with the sport’s commercial and regulatory directors.

As FOTA closed its ranks this week, the strategy group was named as a replacement for the teams association. Running different scenarios as to the voting procedure, you could see that if the FIA and FOM agree, there is no chance for the teams, regardless if they are unanimous in their vote, to achieve what they all agree upon.

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