3 races in the United States?

It’s easy to see why Formula One’s return to the United States has been an exciting prospect. The Circuit of the Americas (COTA) has done a fine job of bringing F1 back and as Sky Sports F1 found out, there may be more to come.

We know that the New Jersey race was postponed due to construction issue or whatever they are calling it these days but F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone told Sky’s Craig Slater that he wants three race in the US:

“We need to get that New Jersey-New York event working,” Ecclestone told Sky, “and maybe one in southern California as well.

“We want three races here.”

Would the US support three races? Would Southern California be the logical choice? Many wonder why Watkins Glen or other existing circuits aren’t simply improved in order to hold an F1 race instead of re-creating the wheel. If COTA is any measuring stick, the existing circuits would have to be massively improved.

What do you think? Could the US manage a street course in California and New Jersey with a purpose-built circuit in Austin?

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