Mercedes still committed to F1?

German broadcaster Sudwestrundfunk that there was to be a shareholder meeting at Mercedes who is reported to be losing $1 Billion a month. Drastic cost-cutting measures are needed and with the recent Mclaren lying scandal, there could be reason for pause on their involvement in F1. Or so the rumor mongering goes.

“If you’re asking me ‘are we here for the next 10 years?’ then everybody who is honest, and I am honest, cannot give you an answer about how the world, the car industry, the economical surroundings will develop,” he is quoted as saying by GP Week.

“I hope it changes. It’s not easy for anybody but I hope it changes.”

“Victories would be better than having discussions like these,” the German admitted. “But we are clearly unhappy with the situation, as it is right now.”

If Mercedes were to pull out it would be for purely economic reason in my estimation because while the McLaren episode is not helping them, as they are a partial owner of the team, their victories with Brawn GP surely are. It would be a very cold day to see the silver Arrows leave.

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