Branson too late for Brawn Sponsor?

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Sir Richard Branson is a man of impeccable timing but has he waited too long to jump head-first into Brawn GP as the title sponsor? Some suggest that with each win the price goes up and Nick Fry has eluded to 20 to 25 potential sponsors and/or investors since last weekend. Branson is supposed to announce something in Spain but he does understand that waiting this long may have ushered him out of the running according to the Times Online.

“Richard has made an offer. The issue for us is whether or not it is the best offer we can get.” said Nick Fry.

SJ Skid and I were just talking about this very issue last weekend at the Indycar race and we both were somewhat stumped as to Branson’s lethargic attitude toward the team. In fact, he was relatively dull about his potential investment ahead of the Australian Grand Prix. After the second win, we wondered what was holding him back but of course it very well could be Brawn GP themselves looking for the highest bidder and holding Branson off. We will see how this plays out but I suspect that after Spain we’ll see a new livery.

Nick does have a way of throwing out numbers, mind you, as i recall the hordes of people inline to buy the Honda F1 team and yet not a soul in line to buy Super Aguri. Both scenarios have since been found to be suspect.

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