McLaren not keen on sharing Honda engine

Formula 1’s new 2017 regulation changes mandate that engine manufacturers must be obliged to support multiple teams on the grid and this, presumably, was to thwart any more Red Bull Racing incidents of last year when Mercedes and Ferrari refused to supply the team who weren’t happy with their Renault power units.

According to AUTOSPORT, McLaren aren’t too keen on this regulation (my words, not theirs) and they are speaking witht he FIA over Honda’s new obligation to supply more than just McLaren F1. Eric Boullier said:

“We are currently still discussing with the FIA about the outcome of this regulation, or, let’s say, this agreement between the FIA and the engine manufacturers,” Boullier said.

“Most of it, we agree with. There are still a few clauses where we may still have discussion ongoing.

“We have our opinion, our position.

“We are obviously investing with Honda a lot in the sport, making sure there is a competitive fourth power unit manufacturer soon.

“That’s why we discuss and may, at some times, have some opinions that are a little bit different.”

Understandable on one hand but then Ferrari and Mercedes have to oblige as well and while they are complying already, they are doing so with teams who have not mounted any real threat to their works team. This is why I applaud Renault for their guts in supplying Red Bull even when they themselves have a works team.

McLaren are really in no different position than Red Bull to be honest in that they need a lump and have one but that lump provider must supply other teams and Honda is willing to do so as Honda chief Yusuke Hasegawa said:

“It was focused on the obligation and customer supply.

“It is natural they [McLaren] don’t want to divide our resource to other teams which I agree about.

“They don’t want to improve their rivals. Honda doesn’t want to have enforced obligation.

“But it is a regulation and we are happy to support this F1 activity.”

Interesting times for McLaren and then there are the rumors of a switch to another manufacturer that may or may not be true. Regardless, whomever supplies engines is obligated to supply the grid. That’s the rule and in hindsight, is it a good one?

Ron Dennis says he’s fine with Honda supplying other teams once they’ve won a championship with Honda. That could take a while folks and I don’t see the FIA agreeing with that position.


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the Late Idi Armin

maybe they should actually cross that bridge when they come to it.

Negative Camber

LOL…well played. :)

Joe Mama

There’s a lot at stake there for McLaren. I assume the terms of their agreement with Honda at least imply exclusivity, and they are bound to have rolled a lot of cash into development. Surely their intention was not to do the hard time (and hard it has been indeed) just to have a competitor waltz in and buy the fruits of their labor. It must seem rather meddlesome of F1 to mandate that very door be opened. There is also the Renault scenario to consider – what impact does it have on McLaren, not just as a team, but… Read more »


In other news, water has been found to be wet.