5th engine option won’t help Red Bull

The F1 Strategy Group will meet next week to discuss a few issues and one of those topics will be the possible increase in engine allotment for the season from four to five.

According to a report at AUTOSPORT, this increase in engines per season is most likely to be voted down by Williams, Ferrari, Force India and McLaren due to cost concerns. This leaves Mercedes and Red Bull (Renault-powered) in favor.

Already deep into their engine allotment, Red Bull could use a few extra engines but realistically, given Renault’s issues this season so far, the team feel like changing the regulation to five is little help as team boss Christian Horner said:

[pull_quote_center]”Whether it’s five or eight engines, it doesn’t make a difference for us,” he added. “It’s inevitable we are going to have to take eight, up to nine engines this season.”[/pull_quote_center]

Eight engines means that the team will taking some heavy penalties this season on the grid so if you were hoping for a Red Bull turnaround once the team got back to Europe, it may not be a positive outlook.


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With Ricciardo managing just nine laps in FP1 this morning and none at all in FP2, the team had no choice but to use his fourth Internal Combustion Engine for the remainder of the event. The three ICE he has used so far have managed just four Grand Prix between them. Unless reliability improves dramatically then Red Bull will be using a lot more than eight engines for the year.


This is shocking. I dare say this will be the end of RBR. They will be lucky to beat Lotus and even Mclaren this year.

Paul KieferJr

I wonder how many ordinary drivers are starting to look at their Renault cars and think “Do I have an AMC Gremlin?”

Damien Bintley

Ha! My Scenic went in needing a new fuel pump, the mucked up the ECU and it took a month to figure out, Two months later they realised they still hadn’t put the right pump in! RBR to be an entry point for Audi?

Negative Camber

It is stunning and a much bigger issue than many are suggesting. You don’t go from four titles to this without having serious concerns or decisions to make. Not even Cosworth supplied teams were having this kind of trouble.


I must admit, this is the sort of issue that I was expecting last year, when it was a brand new formula, not this. While Renault did have more reliability concerns than the others in 2014, I would have expected this season’s reliability to be better, not worse.
If anything, it shows just how good a job Honda are doing this season. They are being measured against a second season Mercedes and yet still have better reliability than a second season Renault. All with only one team to assist in the development.