77th running of Le Mans already acting like F1

The 12 hours of Sebring was not without its controversy. Immediately after the race Peugeot protested the Audi R15’s body work. That row only carried on in niche motor sport magazines for a few months and now we find ourselves two days from the start of and Peugeot have protested the body work again with a threat to bring the dreaded FIA into the issue should they not get the ruling they are looking for.

As the hours of free-practice ticked away, the reaction to Peugeot’s protest was met with negative reactions across the and radio. The ACO announced that they would hold a meeting later this month between the teams to discuss the matter. More minutes ticked away and Peugeot announced that they actual didn’t have any issue with Audi rather the ACO who they feel are not giving them the clarification of the rules they are looking for. They have been back peddling all afternoon on their original position.

It seems to me to be farcical actions taken directly from ‘the outrageously asinine guide to motorsport governance’ written by Max Mosley. A race that was supposed to be a real battle between Audi and Peugeot has turned into a cheap, off-Broadway version of ‘Max and the Amazing technicolor cock up’.

Here is one thing I will admire. The ACO, unlike the FIA, have attempted to cool the temperature down on the whole issue by sugggesting that a meeting will be held in a month. That means everyone needs to shut up and go racing which is the whole reason we are all here in the first place. The political bunk will be addressed later but the car was passed under scrutineering, found to be a homologated car within specs and should be admitted to race.

Bottom line? Peugeot needs this win desperately to remain in the sport and relevant. As it is, they are struggling to keep the car on the track during practice and much slower than Audis.

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