83% of fans disappointed with new format of Formula 1

Ferrari started an online survey a few weeks ago asking fans if they liked the 2014 version of Formula 1. Today the team have released the results:

Maranello, 3 April –The poll which began a few days ago on www.ferrari.com to sound out people’s opinion on the show put on by the new Formula 1, has come to an end with over 50,000 fans expressing an opinion.

83% are disappointed with the new format, dismissing it mainly because of the drivers being forced to lift off to save fuel. In addition, the fans don’t like the noise from the new engines and are confused by rules that are too complicated.

Interesting to note that the “no” vote increased dramatically after the Malaysian Grand Prix. The most vociferous in their opinions were the Italians, British, French and Australians, these countries having long links to Formula 1. But there were also plenty of votes from large countries such as the United States and India.

Our own survey showed that 70% of respondents did not like the new sound of Formula 1 with 20% saying they did like it and 10% responding that they were indifferent to the issue.


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