A big Ferrari ‘whoops’ that doesn’t involve Massa

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Ferrari is recalling its 2011 and 2012 California and 458 Italia models do to bum crankshafts, the company has announced.

No word on whether blame was placed at Felipe Massa or Rob Smedley’s feet.

Here’s a little from the LA Times report:

The Italian automaker learned of the problem in a uniquely embarrassing way. The first of these models to have its engine freeze was the car the company was lending to critics to review.

Ferrari said that after launching an investigation in March, it learned that the crankshafts of the F136 engines in the vehicles were machined incorrectly. It turns out that the crankshaft-grinding machine was incorrectly set up. The company has since reprogrammed the machine.

The Times notes it will be an expensive bit of repair, but not an extensive one. Only 74 of the cars have been purchased. But, you multiply $200,000 by 74 and it isn’t exactly Hyundai sales we’re talking.

Here’s how Ferrari is going to deal with the issue: “Owners of the vehicles have the option of having a new crankshaft and bearings installed by their dealer, having the engine removed from the car and the repair work done by Ferrari North America, or having a new, correctly machined Ferrari engine installed in the car at the dealership.”

Looking around the web, it appears this news is a few days old. The Wall St. Journal had a little on it on Friday.

Does it affect the Formula 1 program? No. But is it something you might hear Grace throw in Todd’s face? Yes. Now you’ll know what she’s talking about.


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