A British Hero!

I know this is an F1 blog and I know that contextually Lewis Hamilton is the hero of not only F1 but Britain as well.He has every right to be given his rise to stardom, talent and dedication.  But I would be remiss not to post a small piece on someone who I think is equally a British Hero in sports.

Mark Cavendish has become the first Brit to win three stages and this is all in the same tour!  Check out the story so far.

Mark is getting worn out and it could be that the team will pull him from the tour as he is Britain’s best bet for a gold medal in China and they do not want to injure him or wear him out so close to their quest for gold but you can’t take it away from him.  This young man, well spoken and media friendly, has done a terrific job.  The Brit’s should be very proud of this young man.  He has faced the best sprinters in the world and beat them…three times!  Thor Hushovd, Eric Zabel and the likes have had nothing for Mark.  That is a huge achievement by anyones measure.  Good for you Mark and congratulations Britain for giving us a young man who’s success in the tour is overpowering the 3 cases of doping caught so far.  The Tour de France has suffered from doping scandals over the last few years and perhaps a young man like this can dispel the rapidly growing view that the tour and cycling as a whole have become a farce.  Leave it to a Brit to save a struggling entity.  ;)

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