A ‘Lewis Hamilton’ on Twitter swears, Twitter goes crazy

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Lewis HamiltonThis story is happening real time, folks.

A Twitter account claiming to be Lewis Hamilton (I haven’t seen any official confirmation) dropped a swear word a short time ago, and reaction is hot and heavy.

And that’s the story — not whether it is really him (I suppose we’ll find out soon enough) but how polarizing Lewis is, especially when mixed with the immediacy of Twitter. (The account does link to his official page, but it doesn’t have the “verified” logo on it.)

You can follow the action here (a link to a Twitter search for “Lewis Hamilton”).

I suppose I can add my voice to the “so what” contingent. But maybe there is a larger (albeit not new) issue here: Just how much are F1 drivers “role models” and do they have to live by rules that are maybe more strict than the rest of us? Is that an OK price for the fame and fortune?

And how much has social media blurred what “role models” can or should do?


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