A U.S. F1 team, brought to you by… Ferrari

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That sound you just heard was Negative Camber’s head exploding.

And… whoa. There went the rest of him.

In an interview with the Italian Gazzetta dello Sport, and repurposed by Autosport (thanks, because we don’t speak Italian!), Ferrari boss Luda di Montezemolo has reiterated his oft-heard desire for Ferrari to field a third (and I suppose fourth) car.

The new twist? Luca wants the team to be run by Americans.

“I dream of a third Ferrari managed by an American team, with the stars and stripes flag,” di Montezemolo told Gazzetta dello Sport.

And that American team? It could be the one that popped up this week, run by the guy behind Chad Hurley’s effort to save USF1 earlier this year.

Here’s more:

[Parris] Mullins told AUTOSPORT earlier this week that he had made contact with Ferrari earlier this year about potential arrangements for the future when he was trying to save US F1 from collapse – and reckons there was a mutual interest in working together in the future.

“When I met Stefano [Domenicali], obviously Ferrari was not a solution for US F1 for 2010,” said Mullins.

“But they pledged whatever support they could give within the rules – whatever they could provide. We had a Cosworth engine contract, but they [Ferrari] know that America is their largest market and they were keen to work with us.”

Reactions? Ferrari tying itself more closely to the U.S. sure makes sense. Of course, I bet some will point out that Ferrari first ought to get everything back 100% with its own team first.


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