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theparcferme.com is the Journal of F1 Opinion. theparcferme.com was created in May 2005 as a journal of opinion. If you like F1, Podcasts and sharing your opinion with Decorum & Civility, then theparcferme.com is for you. We are a safe harbor for new F1 fans and veterans as well.

F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and we offer an interactive site befitting the sport—something different and fresh. We are not an F1 news aggregator. We break news, create original content and discuss news as well as source all of our articles when applicable.

Ultimately, TPF is you—a safe harbor for new fans to engage with veterans without the belittling and ham-fisted comments that can often spoil discussion. We have one rule at TPF, engage and share your opinion, just do it with Decorum & Civility. No personal attacks.

NEGATIVE CAMBER (TODD)~Chief Opinion Officer

Todd- Negative Camber

An earliest memory is that of sitting on the couch with his Father watching Emerson in his Lotus 72. He got a Lotus 72 Corgi toy car that year followed by several other Corgi’s and has never looked back. The haunting sound of the Ferrari V12 has left him favoring the Scuderia each year and his love of F1 is as passionate as those fantastic Italians at Maranello.

A life-long career as a business owner and executive in the technology industry of audiovisual and communication systems (collaborative systems, videoconferencing, teleconferencing, system control, network integration and other technologies) takes most of his time. His two daughters and TPF take all of the rest. Yes, Jim Clark is his favorite but Tazio Nuvolari or Jochen Rindt is a close second and to be honest, there are many from the 60’s that have always fascinated him from his earliest childhood.

GRACE~ Executive Editor

Todd- Negative Camber

Grace originates from the backwoods of Western Pennsylvania but now, after a short visit to Penn State, calls the Washington D.C. area home. Grace enjoys all forms of motor sports including F1, WRC, MotoGP, and yes even the occasional IndyCar and NASCAR races. Her other obsessions include the Pittsburgh Steelers, NHL, and really anything but basketball and cricket. Her non-sports related interests include Seinfeld, action movies, video games, and really bad reality TV shows. Her favorite beers are Anchor Porter and Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale. She also enjoys playing pub quiz on Mondays.

Grace has been watching auto racing most of her life and has been following Formula 1 since 2000. She’s a McLaren fan who faces the on-going struggle of, well, being a McLaren fan, especially one who is surrounded by Ferrari fans. Her heroes include Larry David, Robin Miller, Patrick Head, and Paula Deen.

Paul Charsley- Executive Editor/Professional Driver


Paul Charsley

Paul has been around racing, and dreamed of being a racing driver all his life. He watched the likes of Senna, Piquet and Mansell racing in the lower ranks at the start of their careers and could be found up against the fence at any of the many English race tracks every weekend. His father was a successful team manager and ran teams that won the Daytona 24hrs and finished 2nd place at Le Mans. His brother was a Formula1 mechanic and also had a successful career as a sports car team manager.

Paul’s been racing for 21 years and started by winning his first ever race in the last corner on the last lap. He won his first championship a year later while turning to the pro circuit in IMSA endurance racing. While mainly a tin top racer, he has driven cars from many different genres including Super touring Sedans, formula and Sports car endurance GT’s. Alongside his racing he has made a career of coaching in, and driving, the top performance cars manufactured in the world, including Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus, Dodge Vipers, BMW and of course Audis. Currently Paul has been hired to spearhead the emotive driving stables at Infineon raceway which include the Audi Sport car experience, The Mitsubishi Evo School and the world renowned Jim Russell Racing School.

Andrew Middlemore~ Contributing Editor/ Super Moderator

Andrew Middlemore

Some say he is a Brit, some say he is a little too mad for comfort, some say he started writing his bio by ripping off Top Gears Stig intro. All we know is he’s called Frantic.
His motor sport loves include Formula 1 (Always helps) BTCC also enjoys MOTO Gp, Outside of that mention Nightwish, Metallica Placebo or Monty Python and you have a friend for life, as long as its nice things you say about them. Was mainly to blame for Dunking Donuts becoming the unofficial donut of F1b but being stuck in the U.K settles for Creme Eggs instead. (Yum.)

He is the face of Frantic F1 and continues to make his video’s when Lego Rubens can be bothered to work the camera and Lego Kimi hasn’t passed out drunk when he is meant to be in a scene. Would like to do an action movie with Danica Patrick (who he became a big fan of after seeing the SI magazines shoot), though we’re not sure by what he means by action! Has never kissed the editor of the radio times.

Tony Greene – F1B Biography Editor / Contributing Writer


Hailing from Houston, Texas, Tony Greene’s parents had the audacity to name him after A.J. Foyt, but don’t hold that against him. Both of his folks drag raced, until his father realized that his wife was the faster of the two, deciding for both of them that it was time to call it a day just before the birth of their only son!

The racing bug grew from an early age, spending the 70s watching the Snake battle the Mongoose or Roberts take on Agostini on Wide World of Sports. F1 came into his life with the 1982 Monaco GP and few races have been missed in the nearly thirty years since. Thanks to CART, ALMS and the IRL, super fanboy Tony has had the opportunity to meet more than forty ex-F1 drivers. and his racing heroes include Senna, Super Swede and his young son’s namesake, Alex Zanardi.

In addition to being an absolute motorsports nut, Tony is a musical legend in his own lunchtime. His passion for racing history is matched only by that for music history, particularly the punk, new wave and electronic genres. And though it appears to be a prerequisite to being on the F1B staff that Tony be a Monty Python fan, he will not admit directly to such, only saying that his grandmother was indeed a hamster and his grandfather did actually smell of elderberries.

Dave Mortimore (MIE) – Contributing Writer


A Brit living within a few miles of Castle Combe circuit in deepest darkest Wiltshire, MIE is a fan of grass roots motorsport, where you are far more likely to see ‘real’ racing unaffected by DRS, KERS, sprinklers or shortcuts. Having watched F1 on TV from the early 1970’s (when, if you were lucky, the British GP and Monaco were covered in between horse racing) really began following F1 seriously once Murray Walker and James Hunt began commentating on the BBC’s Grand Prix highlights programme.

After supporting Brabham, Tyrell and Lotus decided that perhaps it wasn’t good for the teams’ futures to continue as the teams kept closing, so now watches for the love of the sport. The quality of the racing is far more important than who wins. One of the appeals of club motorsport are the ‘men in sheds’ who take on and occasionally beat the bigger manufacturers of racing cars.

After spending far too long posting on the Forum MIE has been recruited onto the staff of F1B, whether this is because he has less hair than Todd, or because he can quote Monty Python is not entirely certain.

Tom Firth – @F1Chat host on Twitter – Contributing Writer – Forum/F1/Sportscar


Based in the sleepy villages of the north of England. My early memories are all of formula one on the television, with a dad and grandfather that followed Formula One on television; it was only a matter of time before the sport caught my attention.

Following formula one wasn’t quite enough though, it’s an awesome series and I love watching the races and learning about the history today but there is so much more to motorsport than just Formula One. As I got older I’ve watched as much motorsport through the television and archive videos from series around the world as possible. My favourites include Indycar, Sportscars, particularly the World Endurance Championship, Le Mans and ALMS. Well Sportscar racing in general. My other favourite is the British Touring Car Championship but basically if it races with an engine, I will try and watch it.

I really enjoy learning the history of races as well as what’s currently happening in the world of motorsport.
I guess one day it might change to if it races with a battery, I will try and watch it but for the time been lets stick with the engine. The only regret is I don’t get to a track enough. In this part the country there aren’t many racetracks, well there’s farms, farms and more farms really and for some reason whenever I visit a track, it rains. Perhaps that’s the reason more don’t exist in the north.

I came to F1B by meeting Frantic on twitter, signing up for the F1B forum and getting to know the guys on the forum. Eventually I started to do the Fastlap podcasts with Andy (Frantic) and then our regenerated show Opposite Lock recently.

Johnpierre Rivera – Contributing Writer – Formula 1


JP’s dad took him to the Long Beach Formula One Grand Prix in 1977 and 1978 where his fate was sealed. He has pursued a single-minded love affair with Formula One ever since, expounding to anyone who will listen as to why it is the best and most exciting sport on the planet. Mario Andretti, Gilles Villeneuve, Niki Lauda, James Hunt and Ronnie Peterson were his first heroes, followed by Senna, Prost, of course M. Schumacher, and then later Mika Hakkinen and Damon Hill.

But when a young Fernando Alonso entered the sport for backmarker Minardi his demeanor and potential, not to mention his thrilling rise to World Champion, made him JP’s number one guy. A true renaissance man, JP can be found on any given day designing chairs or re-arranging the living room, tending bar or his prize-winning succulent garden, listening to The Beatles or obscure electro, taking care of his twins or his ’73 Porsche 914, but always, avidly, watching a race or scouring the Formula One news.

He entered the blogosphere in 2011 with his blog AmerF1can.com and an intent to shine a light on topics that weren’t covered to his satisfaction by the mainstream F1 media, and to stir the pot a little since impassioned debate is one of his favorite pastimes. He has succeeded in converting quite a few of his friends, and his wife, to F1 fans so now has set his sights on the rest of America. He happily attended Grand Prix in Montreal and Belgium (on his honeymoon) and couldn’t be more excited about the new Grand Prix races set in America. If one day he can watch a race from the pit it will be a dream come true.

Doug Patterson – Associate Editor / Photographer


Doug was born in Central Indiana, so is it any wonder he grew up as a fan of motorsport? Even his favourite toys during childhood reflect this passion as his prized Matchbox car was a Can Am Porsche 917. Oh why oh why was he ever allowed to take that precious collectable out of the packaging and actually play with it? He made his first visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1977 in the summer after A.J. Foyt won his history-making fourth Indianapolis 500 Mile Race victory, and has been watching the 500 from Stand J since 2000.

Although he remains an IndyCar fan to this day, he is a fan of all motorsports from RedBull Air Racing, to rally racing, and even swamp buggy racing if he can find a YouTube feed. He rediscovered a passion for photography at the 2008 MotoGP race at Indianapolis and has been photographing IndyCar, ALMS, Grand Am, SCCA, and Rally America events ever since. In 2012, after far too many decades simply watching motor car racing from the stands, Doug joined the SCCA and started competing in Solo, Road Rally, and RallyCross events in the Kansas City Region.

When not at the track, Doug teaches astronomy and physics at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, KS, does space physics research for Fundamental Technologies in Lawrence, KS, and helps his wife, Tabatha, run their photography business, Patterson Prints.

John Olsakovsky- Contributor / Indycar



In love with open wheel racing (and motorsport in general) since being stuck in a small Texas town for Memorial Day weekend in the early 70s, with nothing to do but watch the Indianapolis 500.