In what amounts to a preemptive shot across the bow of Kimi’s known “night out” reputation; Jean Todt, not to be confused with the Todt-sized trophy given to Schumi, has asked Kimi to keep it on the down-low and out of the public spotlight. 

Autosport.com quotes Le Figaro as mentioning as much from an interview with the Ferrari majordomo.  Let’s explore the possibilities; Kimi, an established Finn, likes his Grey Goose.  Ferrari likes their Über-professional Michael Schumacher.  Where in the world will these two worlds find harmony and peace?
My humble opinion?  Kimi will never succeed at Ferrari if they are going to continually use the Schumi measuring stick to gauge Kimi;s performance and character.  Best to throw away all expectations of a continuing Schumi-like dominance and create a whole new aura for the next era.  I know Michael Schumacher…Kimi’s no Michael Schumacher.  That’s not to say Kimi is not a terrific driver with great potential to be a revolution in this business but not as a carbon copy of Michael—heck, he doesn’t even drive like Michael so let’s just stop the comparisons there.  Sound good? 


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