Abu Dhabi GP Review | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 761

Join Paul and me as we review the final race of the season, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. We cover the “incident” and discus the safety car and the rules used. We cover the other key moments in the race and review each team as they finished.

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You were totally biased against Max, there is no way he was at fault for that first corner incident! And, how dare you defend the Sugar water swilling Michael Masi for such a terrible decision! This is the reason i have been listening to you good folks for well over 10 years, I may not always agree but I appreciate your insight. The end of a great season played out by two brilliant (but kinda unlikeable) champions at the top of their game. (Max and Lewis, not Paul and NC… the unlikeable bit…). Hopefully next year the FIA will get… Read more »


Hi, Thanks a lot for the podcast, I really enjoyed listening for the whole season. Not gonna lie, as a Lewis Hamilton fan, this one really hurts! I tried not to cry too much as you both were making excellent points, lol. Just a few thoughts and things (too long as usual): 1. Congrats to Max, RB AND Sergio. They played everything perfectly and for sure are deserving champions over the season. We of course disagree on some things but they did an incredible work this season, giving it everything, pushing all the way, and I respect that. I was… Read more »

J peter Riva

So, putting aside drivers’ rabid fans, putting aside constant facts, data, science, putting aside drivers’ statements, putting aside the meaning of words (“is” is… Clintonesque), in the end this season boils down to the money boys “The show must go on.” 2022 is already too trumpian for me. Bah humbug for the season.


Wait a moment… does this mean it is your last podcast for the season? Where’s your Christmas spirit?


Still listening to the podcast, but I see that the some sanity my be prevailing, something I and you good folks have wanted.