Add a minor rally win to the Kimi-to-Renault storyline

Kimi Raikkonen has won his first rally. It wasn’t a WRC event, is the only thing.

But win he did this weekend at the French Rallye Vosgien — and by 3 minutes.

Here’s more via Autosport:

“This was a good preparation for the Rally of France,” said Raikkonen. “From what I am told, the roads on this event were fairly representative of what we will see on the next WRC round, so I am happy. It’s also good to get back into driving the car on asphalt – that’s very useful as well.”

The Citroen Junior Team is unable to test ahead of the Strasbourg-based WRC having used or pre-assigned all of its 15 test days. Competing on the Rallye Vosgien was the next best thing to a test for Raikkonen and co-driver Kaj Lindtsrom.

Again, not a WRC event, so we’ll have to see how he returns at the next WRC event, the Rally of France. After a mid-season stream of steady improvement, he’s fallen back in recent races. I’d wager poorer performances mean a more likely return to Formula 1.

But who knows with Kimi?

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