Adrian Newey to leave Red Bull

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According to a report by German outlet Auto Motor und Sport and the BBC, Red Bull legendary designer, Adrian Newey, is set to leave the team.

As one of the most successful engineer/designers, Newey’s impact on Formula 1 has been massive. Red Bull’s recent internal issues regarding Christian Horner’s actions as well as rumors of power struggles is said to be the reason he is looking elsewhere.

The bigger question is, where would he go? There have been many rumors about Ferrari with Lewis Hamilton in 2025 but also Aston Martin is said to be a possible option.

I am also curious if Audi wouldn’t want to take a run at hiring Adrian as well. There is always McLaren too. I won’t re-write the article but I will link it here so you can read for yourself. 

Do you think Adrian is leaving?

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He’s not a sturm und drang guy as RB sorts out internal issues… maybe that’s the reason? Another team? Doesn’t seem likely… On the other hand, slow speed aerodynamicists beyond racing cars, motorcycles and racing yachts… where else can he find something to challenge him?
Ah, wait… the new industry with vertical take off and fly electric vehicles may be a perfect home.


It’s possible he might leave but rumours about him leaving are always around.

Xean Drury

Newey’s though process: “I’m too old for this BS. C-ya”
I think Christian would walk over broken glass to keep him, but I do think he’s moving on. He’s got nothing to prove to anyone. He’s working because he enjoys his work. So yea, if the work space is becoming less hospitable, why not make another championship winning car for another team?


I agree that he feels ‘I’m getting too old for this sh*t’, but I don’t think he has (or needs) a plan for what happens next. He’s 65 and has been well paid over the years. He can wait to see if something interesting comes up, or just retire and do something completely different.
He’ll not be short of offers: cars, boats… who know what else. I guess he just needs to find the one that fits his work/life balance.


So, Gazzetta dello Sport is reporting that Newey is leaving and heading to Ferrari.
Generally, they are absolutely correct, so this might actually be happening.

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