Again with the British Grand Prix?

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Bernie Ecclestone
The never-ending saga of will there or won’t there be a Grand Prix of Britain has reached media-worthy heights yet again. Apparently Donington, recently named host to the British Grand Prix for 2010, has hit financial troubles. It was originally stated the a debenture scheme was gong to be used to generate the millions needed to prepare the track for the race. F1 has very stringent requirements in order for a track to host a race and Donington was no exception. Apparently Simon Gillett has hit a road block with cash and I am guessing the Debenture Scheme has not played out. F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone cut the deal with Simon the be the new home of the British Granc Prix but perhaps Bernie didn’t vet the entire proposition too well as it seems Simon lacked the cash to even get the circuit modified save versus tearing down the Dunlop bridge.

It is well known that Bernie and the BRDC, governing body of Silverstone which is the circuit that has played host all these years, do not get along well and Bernie is in a bit of a difficult position at the moment. He used the Donington opportunity to give Silverstone the shove and now that plan seems to be backfiring. But benie rarely finds himself up against a thin wall and for that reason he has taken the opportunity to lash out at the British Government for not backing Donington to get the circuit improvements completed so the British Grand Prix can continue as scheduled. Bernie is quite sore at the amount of money being spent by the British Government on their Olympics program and thins that F1 should get a protion o that money.

So no Donington, no Silverstone and no British Government bailout? No race…welcome to the club mates!

“If Donington can’t put on the British Grand Prix then that’s it,” he said in Bahrain. “We will be leaving Britain. There is no question of us going back to Silverstone. They have had enough chances and have not delivered what they promised.

“It’s a disgrace that the British government don’t step in to help. They are throwing billions at the London Olympics. They could do what is needed to save the race by putting in a fraction of it – 0.002 per cent.

“I’ve been in talks with [leaseholder] Simon Gillett today and we’ve been talking through the money situation. I’m trying to help him sort things out. What he really needs is an investor. That’s the best hope of saving the race.”


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