Alguersuari: Renault suspension “stupid and unfair”

While I can’t disagree with the 19-year-old Spaniard from Toro Ross, I must admit that this kid has quite a mouth on him. From telling the world that Bourdais was being fired, long before he actually was or the team officially announced it, to his suggestion that Bourdais didn’t try hard enough and was really under performing; he’s just a real hoot isn’t he?

Seems like Franz Tost has a bit of a Lewis Hamilton on his hands with this kid. The stream of consciousness just falls like ice on the ground when his opens his mouth. Everyone has an opinion I guess. Heck, that’s why we exist but I’ve been in this sport longer than this kid and I think Toro Rosso would do well to tell this young man to use his inside voice. Use his ears more than his mouth and never, under no circumstances, fly from the ceiling on cables pretending to be a god in some Turkish opera.

He said the penalty was “stupid and unfair”. This was right after he said he doesn’t say any Spanish teams and would like to go to Ferrari. Get in line son, your elder statesman fernando may be first.

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