Alguersuari’s Valencia views

Edit: Thanks to our reader Mike for pointing out my error. It was an oddly embedded commentary from BBC’s Andrew Benson that seemed to give attribution to Jaime. At least it was odd to me anyway. Perhaps that’s how they do things in the UK. All the words prior to the Benson commentary are Jaime’s and all the words after the Benson commentary are Jamie’s. You can see my confusion.  Anyway, Jaime did share his thoughts and while I was woefully wrong in attribution, I want to make sure I’m not implicating Jaime on anything. From Benson’s commentary, it makes more sense to be critical of Schumacher but I found it odd that Jaime would be, hence why I wrote the piece in teh first place.  Thanks Mike.


Here is the DJ, driver and commentators thoughts.

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