“…all the drivers want to go to Ferrari,” Briatore

The rumors and speculation continue about Sebastian Vettel moving to Ferrar with Bernie Ecclestone admitting that he would help the process if need be and the media asking Vettel about it any time there is a live microphone. Vettel only recently secured a 2-year contract with Red Bull but there was a live mic this week and the obligatory questions was asked:

“To Ferrari? I don’t know,” he answered. “I hope so, one day, because it would be a dream.” He quickly added that he is happy where he is as he was in the presence of Red Bull’s Geoff Willis.

And when Flavio was asked about Alonso going to Ferrari he claimed that all drivers want to go there and he would be less disappointed if Fernando won them another title before moving on the the Scuderia. Well, a guy has to have his priorities you know.

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