Allison inks new Mercedes deal while new W15 looks promising

James Allison

Mercedes announced a new long-term contract with their current technical director James Allison. In a statement from team boss Toto Wolff:,

“I am thrilled that James has committed his long-term future to the team,” said Wolff. “Put simply, he is the most impressive technical leader in our sport.  

“His gladiator spirit, along with his knowledge, experience, and determination, make him second-to-none. His influence and impact, however, go so much further than that.  

“Since joining in 2017, he has been a key ally and sparring partner for me personally. We can challenge each other openly and honestly; an embodiment of the ‘tough love’ culture of the team that is vital in helping us all perform at our very best.

“Most importantly though, James is a true friend you can rely on, not only in times of success but in difficult moments too. It has been a pleasure to work with him over the past seven years and I look forward to doing so for many more to come.” 

The announcement is right on the heels of a new 3-year deal that Toto Wolff himself inked with the team. Stability may be a good thing for Mercedes given their last two seasons of struggles with their car.

According to Allison, the new 2024 W15 may have solved some of those issues and will hopefully prove competitive. A report over at Autosport suggests that despite the handling issues they had, the new W15 is also focused on more downforce and more power. Allison said:

“It’s impossible at this time of year to be anything other than apprehensive, coupled with excited, coupled with frightened.

“Those are always the emotions that you feel, and I would imagine that even in Red Bull, after a year of such good performance, they will not be sleeping easy in their beds either because no one knows what everyone else will deliver.  

“However, what we do have some hope for is that some of the more spiteful characteristics of the rear end of our car will be a bit more friendly to us, and the handling of the car a happier thing.  

“That’s all in simulation, but nevertheless we’ve got reasonable grounds to believe that we’ve made some gain there.” 

So Toto, James and Lewis are all on board and looking to reinvigorate their title bid and if the car is there, I don’t see any reason that combination couldn’t be lethal. The big question is, how much will Red Bull develop and can they retain their advantage in 2024?

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