Almost Cheese | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 766

Join Grace, Paul and me as we discuss the 2022 Formula 1 regulation changes. We cover each element of the changes and discuss their possible implications.

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People may not have the time yet to tell you, but this was a VERY useful podcast. Thank you. I’ll re-listen with family before the opener (trials). Thanks!

jiji the cat

awesome. Like to add i love the headlines segment.

Last edited 2 years ago by jiji the cat
Mike Steck

This is an awesome podcast as always! So..listening to what you said about things Drive to Survive SHOULD have been there to cover in the past…I can remember several little known events that I wish I would have seen….like… The Top 10 Past  F1 events ‘Drive to Survive’ should have covered: 10. Jim Clark’s Lotus 25 Monocoque discovered filled with Clark bar candy wrappers  9.  Jackie Stewart playing the bagpipes while steering a Ford Cortina with his knees 8.  Enzo Ferrari secretly driving the Mclaren M6GT road car in 1970 and screaming   ‘weeeeee’! 7.  Following Max Mosely into the….umm…nevermind… Read more »