Alonso at Ferrari through 2016 says Luca

Last summer things got a little dodgy at Ferrari with rumors of Fernando Alonso’s management team chatting up Red Bull Racing and Lotus F1 about future options as well as the rumor that McLaren would be very keen to get the Spaniard back in their car in 2015.

A return to McLaren? Surely not but if I were Martin Whitmarsh, I’d be very keen to get Fernando back and Kimi Raikkonen’s return to Ferrari does show that one can go home…even the prodigal son. All of that may be academic as Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo says that he has no worries about Alonso’s future at the team.

The Ferrari boss says the Spanish driver has a contract through 2016 and that things are better now. Luca also admits that providing a better car is the key but suffice to say, he didn’t like it when Alonso, or any other driver, is critical of the team in public (which happened last summer). Ultimately that frustration came from a uncompetitive car and di Montezemolo agreed:

“I understand, I share, I told Fernando that he arrived second this year, thanks to his capability rather than thanks to the car,” Luca said.

“On the other hand I want a driver that even in the difficult moments he gives outside and inside stays very, very close to the team.

“This is the effort that I asked of him in the middle of the season. But I am very happy to have him on the team.”

As a Ferrari fan, I can’t imagine anyone else the team would want in that car right now that Fernando and I would hope their pride for team (even with an uncompetitive car) doesn’t cloud their judgement on the matter. McLaren would make hay with Alonso at the wheel and Ferrari simply need to get a car that’s there or thereabouts to reap the rewards of having Alonso on the team.

Is there another driver you think would be better at Ferrari than Alonso? Maybe Kimi Raikkonen? Maybe Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel? For my money, Alonso is a machine and the lack of titles in Maranello over the last few years isn’t down to Alonso’s lack of skill, motivation or drive…it’s down to the car.


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