Alonso baffled over ‘out of control’ Marko

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso was a bit baffled by recent comments from Red Bull adviser Helmut Marko. Marko said in a recent Red Bulletin that Alonso was too entrenched in political games in Formula One and that his team stayed out of the fray and kept their heads down to win the 2012 championship.

For Alonso’s part, he’s unclear of what political games Marko is referring to and says that this is a mixed up statement. AUTOSPORT has the story:

“I do not think I am very good at that,” said Alonso. “I simply drive cars.

“I was surprised by those statements, but I think they were simply statements a bit mixed up, a bit meaningless.

“They say that they did not listen and they did not speak. They were saying they were not being influenced by what we said, but it means they did listen or someone woke up at night and read the comments – because they had to calm down.

“They [Marko’s comments] were a bit mixed up, without any real control. So I do not think we should pay too much attention to those statements.”

Without reading too much into either statement, we can’t ignore the general feeling that some fans have about Alonso. His involvement in McLaren’s struggle with he and Lewis Hamilton, the Ferrari Spygate saga as well as Renault’s crashgate. If we were adventurous and trying to read between the lines of Marko’s statement, perhaps that is what he is alluding to.

Perhaps in an ironic twist, Alonso and Pedro de la Rosa were involved in the Ferrari spygate incident as they tested the McLaren car and were texting team members about the gas that Ferrari used in their tires (which was proprietary information found in the Ferrari technical manual if memory serves correctly). Ironic as both drivers now work for Ferrari with Pedro’s recent appointment as a reserve driver.

What I do like is Alonso’s suggestion that Marko is out of control and one could accept that to a certain extent as the same publication in which he labeled Alonso as “political” also took swipes at Red Bull’s own driver, Mark Webber. with everything going on under Red Bull team boss Christian Horner’s roof, the last thing he needs is a random agent stirring up controversy.

Regardless, the head-games in Formula One continue and its all part of the fun and attraction of the sport. Enjoy.

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