Alonso, Bottas pass test, declared fit to race in Malaysia

Alonso in Malaysia. It’s was always possible. In fact, it was most likely. Why? Should he return this soon? Only he knows but I think I understand the reality of his situation—animal magnetism.

When we walked, we went a mile for a camel in those days and we did it in about 15-20 minutes depending if you had a hitch in your get along. If we ran and were really moving, we could go a mile in around 7-8 minutes—I mean really moving!

When we rode, we, or rather our horse, might run a mile in 3-4 minutes. When we drove, we evolved to a point of going a mile, legally, in around 60 seconds but it was only the beginning. Land speed records started to fall and the desire to go faster was seemingly in our DNA. Fernando does a mile in about 20 seconds on the straights.

Now I’m not referring to the classical Mesmer sense of the theory as that’s just silly but what I am referring to is the innate desire to race, go faster than anyone else and win in a car that can exert five times your body weight when you brake. It’s raw, visceral and a sensation for which most drivers crave. It is animal instinct and the magnetism of the vehicle that will propel us one mile as fast as we can go. It’s overcoming fear and finding the bravery you need to mash the pedal to the floor through Eau Rogue.

Keeping the car on the island takes epic skill and Fernando has that oozing from his pours. Passing tests in the UK was the first step and now he’s passed the FIA Impact tests in order to race. He wants to see the front row and checkered flag but unfortunately, both are most likely out of his reach as the animal may be present but the magnetism isn’t.

McLaren need help and Fernando is now in Malaysia to do just that. Sort the car out, find it’s capacity and then hone it’s design. With tamped expectations, McLaren fans know that the team will struggle but it is now a reserved hope that with both Fernando and Jenson Button, the car will come on song sooner than later.

Another young chap driven by speed and the magnetism of F1 and winning is also going to be racing for the first time in 2015 at Williams. Valtteri Bottas has also been cleared to race in this weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix and that’s big news given Williams could only field one car in Australia and missed out on vital points.

Fernando is fast but the space shuttle does around 4 miles in a second for those of you keeping score.

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For those keeping score, Bloodhound is due to start “low speed” runs this year in the UK. This being about 300mph, before heading to South Africa to try and break 1000mph. I’m sure Alonso believes that the problems will be resolved faster with him in the car rather than Magnussen. The real indicator of his motivation will be how long he is prepared to wait before McLaren wins again. If they are fighting at the front by the end of the season then he may be content, if they are no higher than midfield then I can’t see him staying… Read more »


Interesting that he called ‘BS’ on all of Mclaren’s claims regarding the accident. Sounds like steering broke/locked and that caused the crash.


What’s the impact test entail? I am picturing the clip from Boston Dynamics Spot video, where he walks down a hallway and gets kicked unexpectedly.