Alonso defends Hamilton

Fernando Alonso has offered his opinion on Lewis Hamilton’s lying episode in Australia and suggests that it is the team and not the driver that is difficult at McLaren. Alonso had a brief stay at McLaren and many would have thought the rivalry between he and Hamilton was a large reason for his departure but not so says the Spaniard. Apparently it was Ron Dennis all along. Maybe Anthony Hamilton has a right to be upset with him but then again, i think the Hamilton’s were placing as much pressure on McLaren as the Alonso camp was and Ron had to caged lions he was trying to deal with while attempting to assert his own shaggy-maned bravado in the mix as well. A cocktail of petrol, oil and fire.

Nice of Alonso to give Lewis credit for what he has achieved so far in F1 though:

“I’ve always said the same thing. I was a season at McLaren and I had no real problems with Lewis,” said Alonso when asked to comment about Hamilton’s situation.

“We had a good competition which helped each other to find our limits. I can say that maybe I am missing that competition in a way because, as I said, it was quite fun to really push and find new limits from ourselves.

“The problems I had there were with the big bosses and the philosophy of the team, so I decided to move on from that period of my career but Lewis has always been a great driver, a great champion, fighting for the world championship in his first season in Formula 1, winning in the second season, so I think to really help the reputation or whatever has been damaged, I think will be very easy if he keeps winning.

“He will make people happy, his supporters and that’s a very important thing, doing our job. The maximum we can do is driving the car, winning races, winning championships. This is the best thing you can do.”

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