Alonso drops idea of fewer grand prixs, more testing

If you find the Formula 1 season a tad bit long… well, either you’re not a super big fan or you work in the business.

Fernando Alonso’s proof of that. Coming out of Ferrari’s Wroooom event (do they add a new “o” each year?), he said this on Thursday:

“Last year we had the last Grand Prix at the end of November and almost right up to Christmas, there were events I had to take part in. There’s almost only the end of year holiday when one can have a break and I’ll try to fit in a few more days between now and Melbourne to recharge my batteries. Twenty races is a lot and it’s not easy to maintain a maximum performance level, both physical and mental, for the whole year. Maybe it would be better to have one or two fewer races and a few more test sessions.”

We all know that Ferrari doesn’t put anything onto the web without some serious thought. Is this the proverbial trial balloon? (If it is, why not have Felipe Massa float it? Or does it have to come from one of the sport’s top stars?) Does it set the stage for Ferrari’s getting off to a slow start in 2013? I would have no doubt that Ferrari could be thinking that far ahead.

There’s also this: Is he right? Does F1 need a cap on races? (It would help with the carbon emissions to travel to fewer races…)

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