Alonso: F1 is finished!

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Fernando Alonso has shared his opinion on the current FIA regulations debacle that has incensed Ferrari and skirted legal injunctions by a French Court this week. Losing their bid to place and injunction on the FIA from making the radical regulation changes for 2010, Ferrari are resolute at finding a solution within FOTA or leaving the sport. This has been echoed by Red Bull, BMW and Toyota. But the drivers are now starting to share their minds about an F1 spec series with regulations that cater to new, unproven, tenuously supported teams with limited financial backing. While Max Mosley has taken it to Ferrari for being self-serving (which is a the very concept and behavior that Max created and donated to the human race in the first place), Ferrari have remained resolute. But now Fernando Alonso has voiced his concern and like many things Fernando does and says…I find it correct.

“If everything is not settled, formula one is finished and the sport will turn into GP2 with a little more pace, but there won’t be any interest in it as an event,” the Spaniard warned. “I don’t want to drive for a small team,” he warned, and he said he will not be alone in looking elsewhere for a new premier series. “If the seven teams go, formula one disappears. With unknown drivers, it’s over. You’ll lose the ten best drivers in the world,” said Alonso.


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