Alonso: F1 predictable, boring

As the FIA World Motor Sport Council meets today in Mexico City to discuss the proposed changes to Formula 1 by the F1 Strategy Group, McLaren Honda driver, Fernando Alonso, feels the sport is boring…in fact, he thinks you’re bored.

Regulations are necessary in motor sport but just how trenchant those restrictions are can be the difference between outlandish development costs or limited freedom in which to develop. Alonso said:


“The rules are very tight so you cannot develop much in terms of engine or aerodynamics – everything is restricted.

“What you have in the first test is more or less what you will have for the whole season.

“It’s making the races very predictable and very boring for the people at home.”


Are you bored? Perhaps not but many are and they are sharing that frustration with the world via social media.

There is no question that F1 needs to tweak the series in order to get some of its panache back and the meeting today is intended to rubber stamp some of the changes the F1 Strategy Group have recommended.

According to AUTOSPORT, the WMSC will consider driver aid bans, allowing an additional engine for new manufacturers and an overhaul of the engine-change penalty system. The dramatic changes discussed for 2017 are not likely to be acted upon.


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Well when racing is at the bottom of the priorities list for the folks making the rules this is what happens.

Formula Future

They are simply blind, can’t see the big picture…

peter riva

“It’s making the races very predictable and very boring for the people at home.” And he is right. The races themselves have stellar moments, we all love F1 so we look for those special things, nit-picking past the predictable. Need proof? How many times did the cameras and director of F1 TV focus on the race up front? If you actually think about it, you’ll see that the mid-field race is often what we are shown because the aero package makes the man out front run away, then we wait for the fake tension of 2.4 seconds compared to 3.2… Read more »

peter riva

And Silverstone 2005 was one of Kimi’s best drives coming from 12th (engine penalty – another nonsense) to 3rd.


I’m not bored at all, i think this year has had a fine selection of races.

Every time you whine you (second person you) take us one step closer to a spec series.


Are you kidding. It is already a spec. series.


I think you hit the nail right on the head


I guess the view never changes when you aren’t the lead dog.