Alonso fit for testing

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Alpine F1 Team. Alpine F1 Team Launch, Tuesday 2nd March 2021.

In the good news category, Alpine F1 launched their car today and while Fernando Alonso was not present for the launch, CEO Laurent Rossi said he is ready for the season.

“Fernando is doing very well,” Rossi said. “He had a bad accident. A bike accident is rarely something that goes easy, but he was lucky, and he ended up only suffering from his jaw.

“So besides the necessary surgery and care on his jaw, the rest is totally fine. Fernando is completely fit. He is totally operational.

“We are even surprised that he’s recovered so quickly. He confirmed to us almost immediately after the incident that he will be here in Bahrain, which has been confirmed with his doctors.

“It looks like he was right because he’s absolutely fit, and we are looking forward to seeing him next week in the car.”

It’s good news but as Autosport pointed out, Alonso may have faced strict travel restrictions to be at the event but he didn’t even join from a remote call. The team said that was to allow him time to focus on recovery and not be bogged down with the launch etc. I’m paraphrasing there but it’s close to the gist.

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