Alonso, Hamilton Quali-gate!


If the story at Autosport sheds any light on the Q3 happenings at the Hungarian GP today; perhaps there is more than just “tension” bewteen the two driver camps at McLaren.

In what seemed to be a deliberate delay by Fernando Alonson in leaving the pits, Lewis Hamilton was qeued behind and lost a chance for an extra lap. This has given rise to Alonso being selfish, as Damon Hill suggests, to Lewis disobeying a team order during Q3 as to the strategy that the team had developed. If it is the latter, could the team, Alonso’s engineer, Ron or a Physio actually punished Lewis for the display of bravado in ignoring team orders?

I doubt Fernando would know exactly how much time to wait in the pits and if I am Fernando I would be a little miffed about being used as a tool in the punishment for Lewis Hamilton (if indeed the team chose to keep Fernando stationary to ruin Lewis’s chance for an extra lap). Fernando is a 2-time champion and doesn’t need to be used as a blocking device to quell the over-exuberance of a rookie who is on fire.

On the other hand, if this was not a team-sanctioned move to teach Lewis a lesson; who in the world told Fernandoto wait and ruin Lewis’s chances? Ron seemed perplexed and vocal with the Physio even taking his headset off of him himself when talking to him in a very animated way. Could there be to distinct camps feuding with each other at Macca? The plot thickens. Ron is having a hard year on top of the best performance his team has seen in years. Think the guy is under any pressure? ;) Hang in there Ron.

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