Alonso looks for podiums

File this story in the optimism folder but Fernando Alonso, Renault driver and two-time World Champion, thinks Renault will experience a resurgence similar to last years late season push. If you look at 2008 as a whole, Fernando Alonso and Renault were the team and driver to watch. Their resurgent performance last year was terrific and the drives were wonderful to watch.

Fernando thinks that can happen again and to be honest, we should be so lucky. His drive last year was incredible and this year needs a big shake up to shake up this years big shake up of Brawn GP dominating everything.

“It’s clear that we need to take another step forward,” said Alonso. “We will have new developments for the car over the next few weeks and that should help, but I’m not expecting to jump to the front of the grid in Turkey.

“However, I still believe that later in the year we can be back fighting for podiums and winning races, just as we did last year.

“We know it won’t be easy, but the whole team is extremely motivated and determined to get back to the front.”

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