Alonso offers smackdown on Mattiacci

While Fernando Alonso’s departure from Ferrari and the signing of Sebastian Vettel for 2015 has been handled with some level of decorum, there were a few remarks from team boss Marco Mattiacci that had a bit of a backhand effect when speaking about bringing Vettel on board.

Mattiacci said they were looking for a driver with the “utmost motivation and commitment” and that’s why they chose Vettel although Alonso still had time left on his contract.

That didn’t sit well with Alonso and AUTOSPORT ran a story quoting the Spanish 2-time world champion as saying:

“I heard the comments and I don’t think they were very good,” said Alonso.

“If he tried to mean that I was not motivated, he arrived at Ferrari too late.

“He’s only been here for a few months and has not seen the five years that I’ve spent here and how I’ve fought every single race.

“Probably I was too old when he tried to renew me until the Monza race, and he kept pushing, and pushing and having talks, and even in the last moment we had a lot of phone calls and e-mails that I still have in my computer.

“Probably at that time I was not so old, but when I took my decision I guess he had to find another driver.”

SMACK! Now, it’s been argued that Alonso isn’t always the easiest person to work with but I wouldn’t know. The time I’ve spent around him, he’s seemed like a nice guy. Regardless, I’m not quite sure I can disagree with Fernando here as the last four years have been antithetical to Mattiacci’s comments.

One of the hallmarks of Alonso’s time at Ferrari has been his ability to place an unruly car in places it most likely doesn’t have any business placing in. Alonso has always had that ability and Ferrari owe a lot of their points-scoring finishes to Fernando’s commitment and motivation.

It’s a case of saying nice things about Vettel which are then applied directly to Alonso and the outcome not seeming very complimentary of the Spaniard. Truth is, Mattiacci might not have been the team boss of Ferrari all those Alonso-led years but was at Ferrari and knows full well that Alonso was doing most of the pedaling there.

So I assume there will be no Harry & David fruit basket for Marco this year from the Alonso family?


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