Alonso On Hamilton

In what has become Fernando’s tact, he was asked what he thought about Lewis Hamilton’s chances for the title in 2009.

Fernando Alonso could have said many things about his former team and Lewis Hamilton but he has chosen to take the high road on the whole ordeal. The BBC asked Fernando what he thought of Lewis’s chances and Fernando said:

“After a year things become easier and that will give him an advantage,” he told the BBC. “After a year you know all the circuits and how the races go. You understand the pressures so there are many things that will give him an advantage compared to last year.”

Asked if Hamilton could win the title, Fernando said, “Possibly, yes. The two Ferraris and two McLarens will be able to fight for the championship.”

In my opinion, Fernando, irrespective of what happened at McLaren, has handled the situation better than Ron, McLaren or Lewis Hamilton. I also happen to think that Fernando is right, Lewis has every chance to win the title this year and we all know he has the talent to do so.

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