Alonso out, Magnussen in

Good news for Fernando Alonso fans, he’s left hospital and is resting at home following his accident at the second test of the season in Barcelona. McLaren released a statement which follows:

“Following his testing accident at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya last Sunday, we are pleased to confirm that Fernando Alonso has now left hospital. He has returned to his family’s home in Spain for further rest and recuperation.

As a result, he will sit out this week’s final winter test, at which he was due to share driving duties with Jenson Button. Kevin Magnussen, McLaren-Honda’s test and reserve driver, will replace him.

Jenson will be testing the McLaren-Honda car tomorrow (February 26), and the team will confirm the full day-to-day running order in due course.”

Mystery still clouds the incident and while McLaren did discuss some of the details about the accident, some issues are still lingering such as the amount of G-Force the impact created for Alonso or the speed at which he hit the wall. These two issues have some claiming that Alonso may have been electrocuted by the faulty MGU-K seal that had plagued the team all week while others have speculated that he fainted or lost consciousness.

All of that is pure speculation and only Alonso an McLaren know all the details but what we do know is that the extended stay at the hospital did include some sort of sedation drug given to Alonso. As F1B reader, Peter Riva, pointed out, maybe he’s claustrophobic and wanted sedation for his MRI and CTI’s. Maybe that was simply to calm his system down after the crash out of concern for any potential head injuries. Again, pure speculation.

In the end, any time a person has any impact with the melon, it becomes a serious situation and when that person is over 30-years-old, it gets even more concerning. What we can say is that it is great new that Alonso is out of hospital and if you’re a Kevin Magnussen fan, then Fernando’s rest will give you a chance to see the young man in action at the last test of the winter season.

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