Alonso passes 1st round of tests for Malaysia return

Fernando Alonso will be heading for Malaysia but according to Spanish reports, he will be subjected to further test should he decide to race in the upcoming grand prix. The first rounds of test, however, have been completed giving the 2-time champion the green light to go forward should he desire according to Andrew benson from BBC:

“Luis Garcia Abad refused to confirm reports in Spain that Alonso had got the all-clear after the tests.

“It is private so I cannot confirm or deny it, but I have no doubts he will go to Malaysia as planned,”

According to Benson, the tests were handle by three physicians at Cambridge University and Alonso passed them. As for the FIA tests, he will be subjected to their standard requirements for each driver along with what the organization calls their Impact Test which our own Paul Charsley mentioned on our podcast.

It does seem that Alonso will be ready to drive in Malaysia and I can’t help but think sitting out for the first four grands prix is just not something Fernando wants to do if he can help it.

Hat Tip: BBC

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I don’t understand the logic to sitting out if he doesn’t have to… Even if he doesn’t have a chance to challenge for the Drivers Championship, why willingly give up the potential for so many points? I wouldn’t be surprised if Alonso’s contract had a bonus structure in place based either on position in the Drivers Championship or on points awarded. Either way – voluntarily sitting out races runs the potential for “leaving money on the table.” Along the same lines, especially after the dreadful pre-season testing, seat time in the car has been very limited so wouldn’t every lap… Read more »

Negative Camber

There’s a good point there regarding the contract. No one knows what stipulations lurk therewith. I assume he’s wanting to get back in for pure passion but I also assume Macca would love to have his development feedback and perhaps the contract is also a prime mover in the decision.

Paul KieferJr

Concussions have effects that are not readily visible or even immediately detectable. Even if a person appears to be completely healthy, there can be damage internally that the victim has no clue about. Only a trained medical professional with the right tools can determine what’s going on inside someone’s head. For example: Maria di Villotta. (Did I spell that right?)


I agree with sitting out races as necessary for medical reasons 100% Paul. But that’s not what Todd has been saying. He’s been theorizing that this is a way for Fernando to sit out and avoid driving the dog that the McLaren-Honda is now until the expected upgrades are ready to go for Barcelona. That’s a strategy that just doesn’t make sense to me and seems to go against what little I admittedly know about racing drivers and F1 contracts. If the concussion isn’t healed, or he can’t pass any of the required medical clearances then he shouldn’t drive –… Read more »


Glad he’s getting better and is taking the less machismo approach to life.