Alonso, Piquet and Briatore expected at WMSC tomorrow


The Telegraph’s Tom Cary wrote today that there have been some twists in what we all assumed was a hearing between the WMSC and Renault on Monday. IT now appears, according to Tom, that Flavio Briatore, Fernando Alonso and Nelson Piquet Jnr have all been asked to attend.

Technically Briatore does not work at Renault any longer and is more than likely not compelled to attend. Same could be said of Pat Symonds but he wasn’t mentioned in Tom’s article.

Perhaps the idea is to clear this issue up with all the players but knowing Max Mosley and the WMSC, I wouldn’t put money on that prospect. More likely this will be a litigious net thrown over the lot of characters for judgment.

This also waters down Renault’s plan of having all possibly responsible people involved sacked and present themselves as an innocent bystander in an otherwise dubious plan cooked up by three people in their employment. The presence of Briatore, Piquet and Alonso throws all the players back in the fire and leaves Renault left to defend itself with and against all three people in the scheme.

You can see the full story here.

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