Alonso stumped by Ronspeak

Maybe it’s me. Maybe as I get older I find it more difficult to understand Ronspeak. It’s like trying to decipher a Wes Anderson movie for some semblance of normalcy or looking at modern art and determining the fulfilled intent or inherent meaning.

When faced with a full-frontal assault of Ronspeak, one gains a better understanding at just why things may be slightly off the boil at McLaren. Once again, I’m befuddled as to why team boss Ron Dennis would suggest that Fernando Alonso will end his career at McLaren but perhaps take a sabbatical in 2016. I’m not alone, apparently Fernando himself was confused by that one as well:

“I will be on the grid. I have been answering the same question to all of your [media] colleagues.

“When Ron says something you have the perfect opportunity to clarify some of his quotes.

“I don’t know what is the intention behind it or what he means, but of course we all want to improve.

“We want to put the car in winter testing [next year] to see how competitive we are and we are hoping for the best.

“This is a better question for Ron, for him to clarify. I have nothing to say.

“We have a tough winter in front of us improving the car and hopefully when we put the new McLaren on track it will be competitive enough and we will enjoy next year.”

As a driver, it would be difficult enough to manage your own tongue and press relations but then to feel obliged or compelled to manage your bosses tongue would be doubly difficult. It’s one thing for you to imply something but then to have to unpack your bosses implications is something that probably isn’t part of your compensation package.

It’s comments like Ron’s that make you feel all is not right at McLaren between Dennis and Alonso. That Dennis would rather have Kevin Magnussen or another young driver in his car. Perhaps he’s finding Alonso difficult to deal with or didn’t like the Spaniard’s post-Japan comments. Who knows? That’s the mystery of Ronspeak, one never really knows what’s being implied.


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Andreas Möller

With such friends, you don’t need enemies… :-) Ron is definitely up to something (he always seems to be, even when he’s not), but what? I can see that he might rather prefer a younger driver, potentially more willing to tow the party line. But at the same time, as has been pointed out before – the two world champion drivers are McLaren’s main asset these days, when the on-track results hardly causes sponsors to flock to the MTC, cash in hand. As is, the team at least gets plenty of airtime, since everybody seems to want to interview and… Read more »


What if its Ron giving Honda the message to get behind improving the engine or risk Alonso walking out on them?

Paul KieferJr

Or we just say that either:
A. Ron Dennis is getting to be senile and needs to get to a rest home; or
B. Ron Dennis is Yogi Berra.


Does anyone else listen to the ‘Gareth Jones on Speed’ podcasts? They do a brilliant line in ‘Ron speak’ skits. Maybe Fernando should subscribe and get some insight into the great leader’s proclamations.



RD: “I’m detecting an element of your energy deficiency claims are within the parameters of detruthfulitude and the situational undsireableness could be expediated by the suboptimal operational functionality regarding the racing apparatus.”
JB: “What?”
RD: “You’re lying because you don’t want to drive that crap car again.”