Alonso to see out the 2017 season

Fernando Alonso must be frustrated. That may the understatement of the year but it’s also the same notion that has fueled speculation that the Spanish driver could exit McLaren even before the end of the season. 

Those rumors have been addressed and it’s most likely a good thing they have chosen to put them to bed. Rumors of this type only breed more negativity…something McLaren Honda definitely doesn’t need right now. 

“I heard [the comments]. It’s normal for the outside, and other drivers to speak and I also read comments from many people in Spain… if one ex-driver or motorbike rider has an interview, there will always be a question about Alonso and how difficult the situation is.

“Everyone is [presented as] quite close to me and it’s like I have depression! It’s not like that.

“In Formula 1 I am delivering my best and I’m more prepared than ever. The team is not very competitive now – and OK, that’s true.

“There’s nothing we can do from one day to another so it’s just hard-working, but at the same time the team is expecting an extra job from me now, an extra result from me.

“It’s like when we were in Australia and all the predictions, the simulations said that we would be last and we were 10th [until late in the race].

“And in China if the predictions say that we are last, then hopefully Alonso will be in the points.”

The point of this could be, where else would he go? Regardless of his happiness with his current situation, I’m not sure what team he would go to next. While many wanted to see him get Nico Rosberg’s seat, I still think Renault might be something to keep and eye on. He won two title with them and they are now back in the sport and aiming for rapid improvement.

The key to this is if Fernando really wants to be in F1 much longer and the answer to that could be as soon as the end of the 2017 season. We’ll see. 

Hat Tip: Autosport

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Paul KieferJr

After 2017, Williams could be an option if Massa decides to retire again (if he ever did). It’s not the best, but Red Bull is already occupied with excellent drivers, Bottas is proving his worth with Mercedes, and I seriously doubt that he’d go back to Ferrari again. Williams would be the best bet there, though Renault would be a second option.

J Cotter

My money’s on him going to a top team in WEC. I think the McLaren/Honda debacle has soured his interest. He’s not getting younger and I doubt if any other team would now be appealing to him, or for him to appeal to another team. He might be eyeing a Le Mans win to add to his CV.. he did seem interested a few years ago when he was given the flag waving job, and Webber may yet talk him into it or even negotiate a drive for him.

Darth Rust

It’s a long standing rumor that he might move to WEC, more or less ever since he waved the starting flag as you point out. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he gave it serious thought during the Ferrari exit. In some ways I think it’s more likely that Hulkenberg would make the move first if there’s no clear mobility for him. I’m planing on bringing by family out to Abu Dhabi, and if he were to leave before my daughter gets to see Alonso drive in person, well, you’d hear about it on CNN. Beware the wrath… Read more »

Negative Camber

Porsche or Toyota?

J Cotter

Oh Porsche for sure! Mark Webber will pull a few strings I’m sure (he is still an ambassador for them isn’t he?). If that happens it might even set up a Formula E drive after a few seasons there.


Maybe one way McLaren/Honda could keep Alonso and Vandoorne happy this year would be to let them do some racing outside F1.
Perhaps a run at LeMans, or some other endurance events, maybe some guest appearances in other series where McLaren or Honda are competitive – maybe even MotoGP, I believe Alonso is pretty handy on a bike.