Alonso to start simulator work

The good news for McLaren fans is that Fernando Alonso is slated to do some simulator work Wednesday in Woking. The 2-time champion had suffered concussion during winter testing and missed the first grand prix of the 2015 season in Australia last week.

The FIA is still investigating what happened during the incident and if I’m honest, it seemed to take less time to suss the Jules Bianchi crash than this but that’s most likely due to the lack of on-board camera footage and details as testing isn’t an official FIA event.

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If Alonso manages to put that steaming pile into the top 5 he’s officially the most talented driver ever…


By the way, the site looks and works great!

Negative Camber

Phonebem2 Thanks. Working on a new comment system that allows for social media as well as blog comments to join the conversation. You can tag friends etc through this system. Cross your fingers. :)


Negative Camber Phonebem2  Hi Todd,  just to say thanks for all the work and things do look great.  Just one question where are yesterday comments

Cheers Scott

Paul KieferJr

Just got word that Alonso’s been medically cleared to drive.