Alonso / Vettel swap rumors continue to swirl

Rumors are merely that but the Italian media had reported last week that there may be a swap deal in place that would see Fernando Alonso change places with 4-time champion and Red Bull driver, Sebastian Vettel. It seems a bit odd as Alonso’s contract is goo through 2016 but as with most driver agreements, they have caveats.

Vettel’s contract expires in 2015 but both drivers say the rumors are not doing anyone any good or at leas that’s what AUTOSPORT has Alonso quoted as saying:

“Sometimes Italy creates these strange rumours, which are not helping Ferrari, which we are all here to do.”

For Vettel, he sees his future as being with Red Bull but then drivers usually say that even when negotiating a contract to move elsewhere.:

“It is impossible to predict the future but surely I have been with Red Bull for a long time and have a very, very strong link to them in that regard.

“That hasn’t changed and it doesn’t look like it is changing.”

It may not shock me but I’m not quite sure what Red Bull would gain by swapping. They have a 4-time champion in Vettel and he’s proven to be a driver that can win titles if he has the equipment. Alonso can too as a 2-time champion.

If Vettel really wanted to drive for Ferrari, then this may make more sense. If Ferrari were after him and he was willing, then packaging a deal might make sense but it seems it would be an odd move. Could both drivers be unhappy where they are and willing to try something new? Maybe it is something along those lines and then again, maybe it’s just a silly rumor…simple as that.


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