Alonso: ‘we were a bit lucky’

Fernando Alonso realizes that luck can play a part of any F1 race but he is also keen enough to hunt for that luck. As was the situation in Today’s Spanish Grand Prix. Felipe Massa a serious lack of fuel that left him limping home on fumes and Fernando capitalized on that slow pace to reach and pass Massa for a coveted 5th place for Renault. It may have been an easy pass with the slowing Ferrari but Fernando made it look terrific passing Mass on the outside.

“As I said before the race, you have to finish it,” Alonso told Spanish television after the race. “We had favorable circumstances since the start of the race, gaining a few positions, and then Massa with the problem that he had.

“We were a bit lucky, and the car was good during the whole race so we could.”

“In the end we saw that we weren’t so light,” he said. “The Brawns stopped ahead of us and the Toyotas too, so the strategy worked well.

“I only had a problem, which was a puncture. I was scheduled to stop on lap 45 but had to stop on lap 41, but I managed to stay ahead of Rosberg and nothing changed much.”

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