Alonso: ‘You push two laps, then you save tyres’

When Fernando Alonso moved to Ferrari back in 2010, he did so with the goal of winning another world title to add to his two championships with Renault. So far, that hasn’t happened.

As the BBC points out, he’s missed the third title by coming second to Sebastian Vettel three out of the four last seasons—sometimes by a point or two. Ferrari have made big changes this year to try to get on top of an obstinate car but it looks as if this season will not even be close for the Spaniard.

This leaves some folks asking how long Alonso will continue driving in Formula 1 since he’s at the ripe age of 32 this year. The answer may or may not surprise you but Alonso isn’t feeling that age will be the factor:

“The new F1 cars are heavier, slower, difficult to understand what the car is doing, you cannot push all through the race,” he said. “You push two laps and then you save tyres until the next stop. Sometimes you don’t even push. So this is not something racing drivers like to do.

“It is not a problem of how long you can keep this level, it’s a problem of how much fun I will have driving those cars in the future.”

This played a role in Mark Webber’s departure from Red Bull last year and the veterans such as Felipe Massa are becoming very vocal about tire grip levels and the state of play in the current format of F1.

The current state of affairs does make one recall the childhood tale of, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” at times. For Alonso, and I suspect Massa as well as Jenson Button and Kimi Raikkonen may be finding less and less to like about F1 these days and the question is, will they remain in F1 for the pay check (cheque) or will they pack it up and head to greener pastures such as Webber did by joining Porsche for Le Mans? Or in Kimi’s case, whatever the hell he feels like doing.

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